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New Club Officer Training Opportunities

We have had four club officer training sessions (TLIs) this Winter and over 400 club officers trained in Rockville and Silver Spring!   And we have many more sessions before the end of Winter TLI at the end of February.   

Seven (7) upcoming TLIs are available in your District 36 backyard:  

  1. Laurel, MD / January 28 (Wednesday) - District 18
  2. S.W. D.C. / January 29 (Thursday) - District 27
  3. Chesapeake Beach, MD/ January 31 (Saturday) - District 27
  4. N.E. D.C. / February 1 (Sunday) - District 36
  5. S.W. D.C. / February 5 (Thursday) - District 27
  6. Lanham, MD / February 6 (Friday) - District 36
  7. N.W. D.C. / February 11 (Wednesday) - District 36

Another eight (8) are nearby in Northern Virginia through Baltimore.

You can register for training (and see training results so far) at these 15 TLIs at http://www.district36.org/tli.   

Supporting our District 36 Clubs in Achieving their Excellence

We plan to highlight our clubs in District 36 on the District website to showcase the strengths and unique characteristics of those featured clubs.  The purpose is to promote our clubs and membership growth in our District.  All of the articles for these clubs will be retained on the Supporting Clubs in Achieving their Excellence page under the Clubs tab.  If you would like to submit your club for consideration, please send the proposed article to webmaster@district36.org, yxie@district36.org, and sbramble@district36.org.

Some guidelines for submission are:

  • Highlight what is unique about the club and what makes the club successful.
  • Include the club name, location, time of meeting, website and DCP status, if appropriate.
  • Do not mention individual toastmasters by name, except for a point of contact.
  • Send a pdf flyer if you want that included.

Thank you for visiting our Website!  Please send us your feedback to help improve the site to meet your needs.