Bonnie Maidak
District Director

For more than 20 years, Bonnie has participated in Toastmasters in District 36. She is a frequent TLI trainer, and enjoys helping everyone develop to their potential. She likes to develop her creativity in Toastmasters, handcrafts, or cooking. She's earned two DTMs and has served as a club officer more times than Toastmasters has been in existence.

Bonnie is enthusiastic about helping everyone develop their communication and leadership skills through the Toastmasters program -- whether through district or club service. She initially joined Toastmasters when living in Illinois, and rejoined Toastmasters in May 1999 when she was living in Michigan. She has dedicated herself to District 36 and Region 7 activities shortly after her move to Maryland in late 2000. A member of five D36 clubs, she most recently served District 36 as the Program Quality Director in 2020-2021, as the Club Growth Director in 2019-2020, and as Pathways EPIC in 2018-2019. Earlier district service includes TLI Dean, District Secretary, Area Governor, Division Governor, and more. Twice earning the district Toastmaster of the Year award, she is proud of a personal triple Triple Crown (a Triple Crown is earning three educational awards in one Toastmaster year) and a club triple Triple Crown educational award achievement in 2015-2016. Bonnie has earned the most educational awards during the last 16 years in District 36, and also earned the first Pathways Mentor Program in April 2019 and the first CL award in July 2006. In addition to club and district activities, she has a consecutive 14-year streak of attending the International Convention, has served on two International Convention Host District Committees, three Region 7 Conference Committees, and assisted in the election campaigns of at least four International Directors.
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AnnMarie Walker
Program Quality Director

AnnMarie Walker is the Program Quality Director for Toastmasters District 36. AnnMarie previously served the district as an Area Director, Division Director, TLI Dean/Instructor, Logistics Manager, Conference Contest Chair, and, most recently, a Finance Manager. 

AnnMarie Walker joined Toastmasters in March 2008 where, for a couple of years, she served as a club officer. Once she realized that she could assist her club in meeting their DCP Goals with more than just being a club officer, she has been on a roll! AnnMarie became active on the district level as an Area Director, Division Director, TLI Dean/Instructor, Logistics Manager, Conference Contest Chair, and, most recently, a Finance Manager. AnnMarie also volunteered at the International Conventions as a Helping Hand. This year, she will epand her growth in Toastmasters as the Program Quality Director for District 36. When AnnMarie is not serving as a Toastmaster, she works at the Department of Veterans Affairs as an Accountant for the Veterans Benefits Administration, Office of Financial Management. She also serves in her church as an Usher and on the logistics team for the Women’s Ministry. She is also incredibly involved in the Parents Teacher/Students Association (PTSA) at her daughter’s school. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, but she genuinely enjoys her “me” time also. She has moved out of the shadows and ready to stretch and grow.
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Gwen Miller
Club Growth Director

Gwendolyn Miller, affectionately known as “Gwen,” is District 36's Club Growth Directory. Gwen previously served in the roles of Division Director, Area Director, TLI Dean, TLI Educational Coordinator, District 36 Conference Registrar, as well as club roles such as the President, Vice President of Education, and Sergeant at Arms, and Vice President of Membership. 

Gwendolyn Miller, affectionately known as “Gwen,” is an educator at heart she will pretty much teach anything you put in front of her. She is a Sunday school teacher and teaches Adult Sunday School every Sunday morning via Zoom. She just loves the whole concept of introducing information and watching people grasp that information and transmit it back to her, indicating that they understand what’s being taught.   Gwen is a Christian, a daughter, a sister, an auntie and a mother she has one adult son who is the twinkle in her eye and her motivation to be all that she can be.   Gwen is employed at AARP for over 11 years and works in Government Affairs with the Financial Security and Consumer Affairs team. She advocates for the 50 plus population on such issues as Social Security, Age Discrimination and Older Workers, Unemployment Issues, Retirement Security and Livable Communities. It is rewarding work, but it can be stressful at times. She finds relief from that stress by attending Toastmaster meetings. I still remember my first speech October 2008 the title was “I Dance to the Beat of a Different Drum”. I remember telling myself -- “you better not pass out.” I finished my speech, and, some 13 years later, here I stand before you as your Club Growth Director.   My journey over these 13 years have been amazing, I like the Servant Leader I have become. I am dedicated, devoted, determined, inspired and grateful for this opportunity. I understand strategic thinking and planning, achieving targets, team management and collaboration. I understand respect, patience, tact, creativity, Integrity and Tact. My experience in Toastmasters has been quite a journey. I have been Sergeant-at Arms, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education, Club President Area Director, and Division Director all several times.   Although we were called Division Governors at that time. I have been TLI Dean, TLI Educational Coordinator, and District 36 Conference Registrar. I have earned my DTM. Currently, I am a speech, HPL, and project away from my second DTM.   I understand that the role of Club Growth Director comes with tremendous responsibilities. I think my record shows that I am not afraid of Hard work and responsibility. As Club Growth Director I understand I will be responsible for caring out the District Marketing plan and assisting clubs to meet the end-of-year targets.   I will be instrumental in helping clubs maintain membership and grow new clubs. Helping clubs with their club success plan and the District’s Distinguished Program. I know this is a team effort and I am committed to working with The District Leadership to make this happen. It will take a lot of team collaboration, motivation and organization. But I know it’s possible. I am asking all of the members of District 36 who are not afraid of hard work to join with me in making District 36 the best District of 2021 and beyond. 
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Sandra Coles-Bell
Immediate Past District Director

Sandra Coles-Bell has been a member of Toastmasters International for 26 years where she was able to actively learn communication skills and strive to satisfy her quest to become proficient in executing effective communication and leadership. She has reprised her role in District leadership as she most recently served as the District 36 Director for the current Toastmaster’s year 2020-21, having served as the District Director in 2008-09. Last summer Sandra was invited by Toastmasters International to serve as a panelist on its webinar series on Cross Cultural Communication discussing the topic Know Your Audience which was viewed by over 5,000 Toastmasters throughout the series. She (Red/White) is the mother of three children (2 Whites and a Yellow) and the grandmother of three (Red/White/Blue). Note that she is a certified Color Code™ facilitator.

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Tammy Wylie
Public Relations Manager

An award-winning public speaker and published author, Tammy Wylie is a life-long learner and teacher.  She earned an MA degree in Mathematics from Ohio State University in 1989 and the Distinguished Toastmaster designation from Toastmasters International in 2016.  A Stephen Ministry Certified lay-counselor, with a Life Coaching Certificate from the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology, Tammy is also John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Speaker & Trainer. Seven years of classroom teaching experience and 31 years of Department of Defense service gave her ample instructing, coaching, and mentoring practice. Tammy now lives in Clemson, SC with her favorite husband!

Janice Strachan
Administration Manager

Janice Strachan has been a member of Toastmasters since 1994. She joined after completing a Speechcraft class, and began her leadership journey soon after. She most recently served as the District 36 TLI Chair. She has served in every club officer role, and as Area Governor, Division Governor, District Secretary, Conference Chair, Speakers Bureau Chair, and Club Coach Chair. Janice also served on Regional and International Conference Committees. Janice is currently a member of four clubs: Agricultural Research Center, NTL Advanced Speakers, Jim Whitney, and Riverside.

No biography is available for Janice Strachan.
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Scott Meyer
Finance Manager

Originally from the Chicago area, Scott has been a Toastmaster for 16 years. He has served as an officer many times and is a past District Governor (District Director) of District 36. He currently work for Fairfax County Government as the Emergency Management Coordinator of the Land Development Services Department. Previously, he spent many years as a volunteer and employee of the American Red Cross. Scott is a proud alum of the University of Miami. Go CANES!

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Samuel Nathanson

Samuel Nathanson serves as the Webmaster for District 36. Previously, Samuel served as the Club President of EasyTech Toastmasters and the Zoom Team Lead, which manages Virtual Contests, Business Council Meetings, and Virtual TLIs. Samuel wants to ensure that District 36 is up-to-date with the latest technology, and is adamant on communicating accurate information through the District 36 website. 

Samuel Nathanson is District 36's Webmaster.
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Logistics Manager

The logistics manager selects meeting locations and organizes the room, ensuring the atmosphere is conducive to successful events, such as business meetings, speech contests and training. The logistics manager sets up necessary equipment, assists district leaders with meeting arrangements, distributes program materials, keeps track of district property and addresses disruptions during events. Proven abilities in organization and diplomacy are a must for this role.

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