Gwen Miller
District DIrector
Gwendolyn Miller, affectionately known as “Gwen,” is an educator at heart she will pretty much teach anything you put in front of her. She is a Sunday school teacher and teaches Adult Sunday School every Sunday morning via Zoom. She just loves the whole concept of introducing information and watching people grasp that information and transmit it back to her, indicating that they understand what’s being taught. Gwen is a Christian, a daughter, a sister, an auntie and a mother she has one adult son who is the twinkle in her eye and her motivation to be all that she can be. Gwen is employed at AARP for over 11 years and works in Government Affairs with the Financial Security and Consumer Affairs team. She advocates for the 50 plus population on such issues as Social Security, Age Discrimination and Older Workers, Unemployment Issues, Retirement Security and Livable Communities. It is rewarding work, but it can be stressful at times. She finds relief from that stress by attending Toastmaster meetings. I still remember my first speech in October 2008 the title was “I Dance to the Beat of a Different Drum”. I remember telling myself -- “you better not pass out.” I finished my speech, and, some 13 years later, here I stand before you as your Club Growth Director. My journey over these 13 years have been amazing, I like the Servant Leader I have become. I am dedicated, devoted, determined, inspired and grateful for this opportunity. I understand strategic thinking and planning, achieving targets, team management and collaboration. I understand respect, patience, tact, creativity, Integrity and Tact. My experience in Toastmasters has been quite a journey. I have been Sergeant-at Arms, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Education, Club President Area Director, and Division Director all several times. Although we were called Division Governors at that time. I have been TLI Dean, TLI Educational Coordinator, District 36 Conference Registrar, Club Growth Director, Program QUality Director, and now District Director. I have earned my DTM. Currently, I am a speech, HPL, and project away from my second DTM. I know this is a team effort and I am committed to working with The District Leadership to make this happen. It will take a lot of team collaboration, motivation and organization. But I know it’s possible. I am asking all of the members of District 36 who are not afraid of hard work to join with me in making District 36 the best District of 2023 and beyond.
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Ramu Garapati
Program Quality Director
Ramu has been a Toastmaster since 2013. He has been a member of multiple clubs in multiple districts. Ramu has served most of the roles in Toastmasters, including club officer, club coach, club sponsor, Area Director, Division Director, Logistics Manager, and TLI Chair, with integrity, service, respect, and excellence. Ramu is a big believer in the Toastmaster platform as the source of continuous growth and excellence. His strengths are to bring new ideas to our district, improve process efficiencies, educate/train members, and mentor new generations of leaders. As Immediate Past Club Growth Director, Ramu chartered five new clubs during an intense period of transition and transformation. His new priorities as Program Quality Director are to increase training participation percentages, contest engagement levels and present impactful educational sessions that will help District 36’s members grow at a faster pace.
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Arvind Venugopal
Club Growth Director
Arvind Venugopal joined Toastmasters in 2011. In his words, he initially joined to benefit from the educational program, and he has since stayed on for all the great people he has met, the friendships he has formed, and the leadership journey where he inspires and develops others along with developing himself. Arvind is currently serving as Club Growth Director for District 36 in the 2023/24 term year, and his vision is to lead by example, inspire members to transform, and help clubs grow effectively through empathy and strategy. He has served multiple terms as Division Director including leading his Division to President's Distinguished District, multiple terms as Area Director, a term as District Public Relations Manager, and has been a part of multiple District committees over the years. Arvind has lived in two countries, is fluent in six languages, has multiple professional pursuits including product management, music, and public speaking with the common thread of service at its core.   
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AnnMarie Walker
Immediate Past District Director
AnnMarie Walker joined Toastmasters in March 2008 where, for a couple of years, she served as a club officer. Once she realized that she could assist her club in meeting their DCP Goals with more than just being a club officer, she has been on a roll! AnnMarie became active on the district level as an Area Director, Division Director, TLI Dean/Instructor, Logistics Manager, Conference Contest Chair, Finance Manager, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and most recently District Director. AnnMarie also volunteered at the International Conventions as a Helping Hand. This year, she will expand her growth in Toastmasters with District leadership roles at District 36. When AnnMarie is not serving as a Toastmaster, she works at the Department of Veterans Affairs as an Accountant for the Veterans Benefits Administration, Office of Financial Management. She also serves in her church as an Usher and on the logistics team for the Women’s Ministry. She is also incredibly involved in the Parents Teacher/Students Association (PTSA) at her daughter’s school. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, but she genuinely enjoys her “me” time also. She has moved out of the shadows to stretch and grow.
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Nadia Trowers
Public Relations Manager
Nadia Trowers is an Executive Assistant with 15 years of experience as an administrative professional including working alongside senior leaders and VPs in higher education. She specializes in customer service, calendar management, office operations, event planning and communication strategy. Nadia has been a Toastmaster since October 2015 and a member of The ASCE Toastmasters Club. She is on the Visionary Communication Path and has held several roles in her local club including President, Vice President of Education, Vice President of Public Relations, and currently District 36 Public Relations Manager. In her free time, Nadia volunteers in her local church and supports non-profits, churches, and small businesses in communicating their story through media, branding and marketing strategies. Nadia graduated from American University’s School of Communication with a bachelor’s degree in film and media arts and a master’s degree in producing for film and video.
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Pam Person
Administration Manager
Pamela (better known as, “Pam”) joined Toastmasters in May 2018 as a charter member of the Eventspeak Toastmasters Club. Eventspeak is the Toastmasters club of the Washington Convention and Sports Authority t/a Events DC, where Pam is employed as a Paralegal in the Office of General Counsel. Pam’s boss refers to her as the “resourceful one.” She has served in the club offices of Vice President Education, Vice President Membership, Secretary, and Sergeant-at-Arms. Pam was appointed as District 36 Area 31 Director during the 2020-2021 Toastmasters program year and District 36 Division C Director during the 2021-2022 Toastmasters program year. She also received the 2021-2022 District 36 Division Director of the year award. Pam served as District 36 TLI Chair during the 2022-2023 program year. Besides Eventspeak, she is a member of four additional clubs in District 36 and one in District 27. Pam has completed five paths in the Pathways Education program and has no intention of stopping. She enjoys the arts, traveling, writing, water Zumba and is a lifelong learner. Pam’s motto and words to Toastmasters: “Do It Scared”!
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Bill Buslee
Finance Manager
Icy Barton
Logistics Manager
Dr. Icy Barton is a highly competent Human Resources professional with 20 years of experience and a strong background in human resources, labor relations, fiber optic sales and service, telecommunications, strategic business, and military operations. Dr. Barton joined Toastmasters in 2002 and has served in almost all roles at the club level. In 2017, she led Chesapeake Toastmasters as President to Select Distinguished and President Distinguished in 2022. Dr. Barton has served as an Area Governor, won two District Humorous Speaking Contests, and placed second in the District 36 International Speech contest. Dr. Barton achieved the level of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) in 2020. Dr. Barton retired from the Army Reserves after 32 years of service and Verizon Communications in 2018. In her spare time, Dr. Barton writes plays, loves to dance in her church liturgical dance ministry, and is actively involved in Toastmasters. Dr. Barton is originally from South Carolina and resides in Halethorpe, Maryland. Dr. Barton holds a Leadership Certificate from Simmons College, an MBA from Washington Adventist University, and a Doctor of Business Administration from Walden University.
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Florence Donald
Strategic Advisor
District Supported
Web Master
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