Are you an organization, business, community agency or group looking for:

  • A dynamic speaker?
    • Presentations at meetings?
      • A discussion panel moderator?
        • A special occasion speaker?
        • Speeches on specialty topics?

Can your Toastmasters Club benefit from:

  • A model speech?
    • An inspirational speech?
      • Special topic speeches?
        • An educational presentation?
        • Advice of seasoned speakers?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, the District 36 Speakers Bureau can connect you with dynamic Toastmaster Speakers to enliven your meetings and brighten every occasion!


The Speakers Bureau provides speaking services to Toastmaster Clubs, organizations and other groups, such as local schools, churches, businesses, social clubs, and civic and community groups. We promote effective communication and leadership skills by providing presentations and educational programs. 


Our mission is to make effective communication a world-wide reality, beginning here and now!


The Bureau features Toastmaster Speakers who are knowledgeable in a range of topics: Effective Communication, Leadership, Building Successful Teams, Creativity, Innovation, Motivation, Inspiration, Coaching, Management Skills, Time Management, Special Occasions, and many more. 

Our Speakers have completed the basic Toastmasters program and many have advanced designations. Speakers are available for both day and evening engagements, and presentations vary in length and style as agreed between you and the speaker.  

By Toastmasters International Rules, our speakers do not charge for speeches arranged through the District 36 Speakers Bureau. However, they can accept an honorarium or gift, meals and being compensated for reasonable travel expenses.  

The Speakers Bureau is here to work with you and to make sure your next event is a success.  Whether it is a lecture, keynote address, business meeting, presentation, or even an office party, let the District 36 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau help you find a dynamic speaker for your upcoming events.

  • To request that a Toastmaster speak at your meeting or event, click here - Speaker Invitation.
    • View our Speakers Directory to become acquainted with our Toastmaster Speakers.
    • Interested in joining the Speakers Bureau, view Speaker Application by clicking here.

For information and making speaking engagements, contact the Speakers Bureau Coordinator at