Congratulations to our 2020 -2021 District Speech Contest Winners. Thank you to all clubs, areas, and divisions that held their contests leading up to the District 36 Spring Conference. We are especially grateful to everyone that contributed time and resources to make our contests successful.

To our winners, we thank you for your dedication to Toastmasters and your desire to improve your skills by entering the contests. You inspired us and we congratulate and celebrate this major accomplishment with you. Well done!

International Speech Contest Winners

1. Bertram Reed

2. Gwendolyn Bell-Kameka

3. Ty Nichols

Table Topics Contest Winners

1. Lauren Merritt-Taylor

2. Nana Oppong

3. Howard Greif




Table Topics

International Speech

Area 11

1st: Kaila Raybuck

1st: Kaila Raybuck

Area 12

1st: Mary Yang

1st: Mary Yang
2nd: Yao Tyus

Area 13

1st: Patrick Curtin

1st: Fran Kern
2nd: Charlia Acree

Area 14

No Contest Held

1st: Wes Sholtes

Area 15

1st: Patrick Baranowski

1st: Carol Wayman
2nd: Cyril Pickering

Area 16

1st: Tyler Lloyd
2nd: Chelsea Durant
3rd: Teiko Campbell

1st: Deborah Barr
2nd: Chelsea Durant
3rd: Saundre Easton-Fletcher

Division A

1st: Patrick Baranowski
2nd: Mary Yang
Tyler Lloyd

1st: Carol Wayman
2nd: Debora Barr
3rd: Mary Yang

Area 21

1st: Jie (Jason) Yuan
2nd: Mark Bond
3rd: Machah Colbert

1st: Elena Maican

Area 22

1st: Wendy Gadson
2nd: Stephen C. Miller

1st: Wendy Gadson

Area 23

1st: Jason Patel 
2nd: Cameron Kieffer
3rd: Natalie Thomas 

1st: Gary Vaughan

Area 24

No Contest Held

1st: Gwendolyn Bell-Kameka
2nd: James Scarborough
3rd: Marthe Motley

Area 25

1st: Derek Thieme

1st: Kimberly Choplin

Division B

1st: Wendy Gadson
2nd: Jie Yuan
Jason Patel

1st: Gwendolyn Bell-Kameka
2nd: Kimberly Choplin
3rd: Wendy Gadson

Area 31

1st: Linda Erickson
2nd: David Rodeck
3rd: Sancho Jacinto

1st: David Rodeck
2nd: Clinton Bunch
3rd: Arthur Sidney

Area 32

1st: Tomas Gonzalez Ginestet
2nd: Mary Ann Murdoch
3rd: Coleen Hennig

No Contest Results Reported

Area 33

1st: Arvind Venugopal

No Contest Results Reported

Area 34

1st: Cynthia Harris
2nd: Alvin Collins

No Contest Results Reported

Area 35

1st: Howard Greif
2nd: Lewis Flax

1st: Cara Jablon

Area 36

1st: Elisha Peterson

No Contest Results Reported

Division C

1st: Howard Greif

2nd: Not Submitted

3rd: Not Submitted

1st: Elisha Peterson

2nd: Not Submitted

3rd: Not Submitted

Area 41

1st: Sheila Collins
2nd: Monica Casanas
3rd: Giovanna Jones

1st: Sherry Edmonds
2nd: Giovanna Jones
3rd: Jay Pershad

Area 42

1st: James Murray
2nd: Quentin Coleman

1st: Quentin Coleman

Area 43

1st: Leah Stitz
2nd: Rebecca "Becky" Fletcher
3rd: John Hough

1st: John Hough

Area 44

1st: Lauren Merrit-Taylor
2nd: Troy Brooks

1st: Lauren Merrit-Taylor
2nd: David Alexander
3rd: Ying Wang Zhang

Area 45

1st: Demetress Beik Edamivo
2nd: Jeff Miller
3rd: Ray Barber

1st: Don Gatewood
2nd: Jeffrey Miller

Area 46

1st: Gregory Martin
2nd: Glenda Girton- Mitchell
3rd: Ronda Singletary

1st: Bertram Reed
2nd: Pam Porter-Wright

Division D

1st: Lauren Merritt-Taylor
2nd: James Murray
Gregory Martin

1st: Bertram Reed
2nd: Lauren Merritt-Taylor
3rd: John Hough

Area 51

1st: Dominic S. Lyon
2nd: Carly Oeller
3rd: Prasant Baratam

1st: Howard Greif
2nd: Faith Zeff
3rd: Dominic Lyon

Area 52

1st: Jasmeet Kaur
2nd: Elizabeth Gage
3rd: Lobna Ismail

1st: Elizabeth Gage
2nd: Lobna Ismail

Area 53

1st: Harsha Mandava
2nd: Lina Kassis
3rd: Miia Suuriniemi

1st: Nikki Miller
2nd: Nadia Stokes
3rd: Lina Kassis

Area 54

1st: Anu Sharman
2nd: Adedoyin O. Junaid

1st: Leo Lin
2nd: Anu Sharman

Area 55

1st: Susie Yoon
2nd: Norma Whetzel

1st: Trig Ghosh
2nd: Donal Browner
3rd: Inez Rivera

Area 56

1st: Paula Roberts
2nd: Jeanine Braithwaite
3rd: Hemang Maniar

1st: Amaate Neil
2nd: Greg Knoop
3rd: Mark Eyerly

Area 57

1st: Somachi Kachikwu
2nd: Carla Chissel
3rd: Mariel Cortes

1st: Carla Chissel

Division E

1st: Somachi Kachikwu
2nd: Paula Roberts
Jasmeet Kaur

1st: Amaate Neil
2nd: Trig Ghosh
3rd: Howard Greif

Area 61

No Contest Held

No Contest Held

Area 62

1st: Andre Tomlinson
2nd: Chris Kelly

1st: Paula Acevedo

Area 63

1st: Nishanth Ulhas Nair
2nd: Sadaf Shehzad

1st: Minoo Shakoury-Elizeh

Area 64

1st: Jingling (Joyce) Li

No Contest Results Reported

Area 65

No Contest Held

No Contest Results Reported

Area 66

1st: Amanda Lay
2nd: Sonal Goorha

1st: Krish Murti
2nd: Sonal Goorha
3rd: Frank Lipson

Division F

1st: Joyce Li
2nd: Amanda Lay
Nishanth Nair

1st: Krish Murti
2nd: Minoo Shakoury-Elizeh
3rd: Paula Acevedo

Area 71

1st: Nana Oppong
2nd: Manasseh Katz
3rd: Eniola Olowofoyeku

1st: Tykesha Reed
2nd: Ilan Glazer
3rd: Chizorom Wosu

Area 72

1st: Don Thomas
2nd: Alvitta Leffall
3rd: Jennifer Ferguson

1st: Tyrone Nichols
2nd: Natalie Legrand
3rd: Mary Liepold

Area 73

1st: Irene Bedard

1st: Cara Gregg
2nd: Zinni Mishra

Area 74

1st: Manpreet Singh Matharu
2nd: Ryan Whisler

1st: Manpreet Singh Matharu
2nd: Gajindhar Singh

Area 75

1st: Korede Otetubi
2nd: Alexis Foley

1st: Chae Young
2nd: Valarie Austin
3rd: Jessica Johnson

Area 76

1st: Amanda Boyle
2nd: Icy Barton

1st: Icy Barton
2nd: Amanda Boyle
3rd: Naresh Das

Division G

1st: Nana Oppong
2nd: Amanda Marie Boyle

3rd: Manpreet Matharu

1st: Ty Nichols
2nd: Icy Barton
3rd: Tykesha Reed


The Table Topics Contests were held in Fall 2020 at the Club, Area, and Division Levels. All Levels of the Evaluation and International Speech Contests will be held in Spring 2021.